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Vanessa Beecroft (1969-)

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  • Vanessa Beecroft

  • Vanessa Beecroft , VB 48, Palazzo Ducale, Genoa

  • Vanessa Beecroft

  • Vanessa Beecroft (b. 1969)

Vanessa Beecroft Biography

(born 1969, Genoa, Italy) Italian contemporary artist. Vanessa Beecroft studied architecture at the Civico Liceo Artistico Nicol Barabino Architettura, Genoa (1983-7), painting at the Accademia Ligustica Di Belle Arti Pittura, Genoa (1987-8), and stage design at the Accademia di Belle Arti, Brera, in Milan, Italy (1988-93). Beecroft’s first exhibit, VB01, took place in Milan in 1993 and featured a series of drawings along with the past eight years of her ‘Food Diary.’ Her work was exhibited for the first time in New York at the Andrea Rosen Gallery in 1994. “Famed for her performances and exhibition openings, Vanessa Beecroft presents the evidence of these events in videos and photographic stills. Her work inhabits a realm where the lines between fashion, performance art, voyeurism and feminist commentary blur. Scantily clad and sometimes thinly disguised women are placed before our eyes, barely moving, and we as the viewers are confronted with a human painting. As Collier Schorr has said of the artist ‘Beecroft is interested in the aesthetics of how women look when they are looked at, and her body-conscious projects encourage alienation between model, artist and audience.’ The artist herself asserts: ‘I am interested in the difference between what I expect and what actually happens.’" In Beecroft’s exhibitions, the viewer is challenged with the task to combine the context of the performance with the visual effects of its appearance in order to fully comprehend the work. Often, the stark nudity of the figures presents the visual effect of integration, in which nudity becomes the costume or uniform Beecroft has assigned to her models. Simultaneously, the nude models as a whole have been described as representing Beecroft’s own standpoint on how the female body should be viewed, versus how it is actually viewed. Presently, Vanessa Beecroft lives and works in Los Angeles, California.
Credit: Christie's, London, Contemporary Art, February 6, 2002, Lot 114

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