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Isabelle Farahnick

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  • Isabelle Farahnick Torse masculin Bronze patiné. Signé


  • ISABELLE FARAHNICK - Édition limitée Lampe Mica à double abat jour carré en poystyrene et papier sur un piètement tripode en acier...

  • ISABELLE FARAHNICK - Pièce unique Lampe BLACK PEA composée d'un globe de verre de pastilles de papier et d'acier. Édition limitée ...

Isabelle Farahnick Biography

Isabelle Farahnick HAS Studied sculpture and ceramics for five years (La Cambre - Brussels)
Isabelle Creates designs and lighting and instalations
Each rooms are available in limited edition gold to order
Special work can be commissioned
Each piece unique and is hand made
Isabelle Farahnick studio is based in Brussels
We can help you Directly from our studio via info@isabellefarahnick.com
Studio visit by appointement
Isabelle Farahnick is respresented in San Francisco by www.hedge.com
Vitra prize Kortrijk Interieur 2006 - Design for Europe prize winner Kortrijk Interieur 2004

... Contrary to appearences, Isabelle Farahnick is not just a designer. As sculptor She Does much than design objects. her installations-have never Sought to be functional. To look as lamps Them Would Be an over-simplification. She starts from the idea of ??light are differently Representing, Suggesting it in shades and inviting the subject to adopt a new way of looking at it. In fact, parts Involve thesis shade as much as light, Their sole aim to inspire and Being Attract the eye. She Sees design as more like a creative discipline with total year years poetic artistic base. Instead of creativity by numbers She has inspiration and sensibility. Isabelle Farahnick Endeavours to find beauty in things easy ..

"... On the two floors of the gallery FAT, on a fascinating journey around light creations of Isabelle Farahnick a monumental chandelier 120 cm wingspan up of thousands of porcelain petals welcomes you. With Isabelle, one chooses not a lamp for its only function. the lights of the Belgian designer akin to sculptures to benefit.

Sculptures through which light enters the material and we open new ways, new perspectives. This is for her a mode of expression. This is primarily a matter, ceramics it uses brute without enamel, in minimal, elegant forms, emphasizing the nobility of this material both fragile and sensual, which calls the caress.

Other works testify for their contemporary practice of recovery of recycled materials. Under the dexterity of his fingers, the simplest objects, boxes of noodles, cosmetics packaging, agree to the most sophisticated metamorphosis.

They emancipate themselves from their common usage to take the form of sculptures sometimes gigantic paces. Still, the use of natural white color that not revealing the beauty of the materials testify to continuous research purity of immateriality. Poetry forms of lightness, fragility, softness and refinement, qualities that are reminiscent of Japanese art .... "

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Looking for the value of an item? Visit our price data subscription page for options.

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