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Roman Froquet (1982-)

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  • Romain Froquet

  • Romain Froquet Sans Titre 2014 Acrylique sur bocio bois 18 x 7 x 7 cm

  • ROMAIN FROQUET « Highway », 2015

Roman Froquet Biography

Roman Froquet
Website: www.romainfroquet.com
Place of birth: Villeurbanne
Location: Paris
Year of birth: 1982

Description :
The ambivalence of this work is rather surprising. Shared between spontaneity and structure of the laying of the line, are introduced color anarchists behaviors which break the uniqueness of the established order and obey no rules of composition, if not to express the inner self of the artist that despite control his instincts to not let suspect a hidden reality. Through these geometric forms, we guess a constant search for balance. This balance is strengthened by the structural elements and that we imagine infinity. Figurative elements sometimes come s to add these lines from the form of faces, he called masks because they are not revealed. For the artist's eyes and the eyes of major importance. They are expressed as the mirror of the soul, it is thanks to them that everything is visible and that transparency is replaced. Color, when present, is vibrant and imposing. She takes possession of the space devoted and seems to seep into the solid structure, artistically and occupies its place. drips of color splashes and emancipate themselves and seep into the composition and agree hasardeusement to matter. Roman Froquet evolved artistically and found in the artist collective 9eme concept, whose ideology to make art accessible to all and to create an interaction between the audience and the artist. His influences and inspirations come from, but also a wider art and is one of the tribal art, African or South American. Anne-Cécile Lourenço an intervener 9 Concept wrote about him: "His writing has, since its inception, expressed appearances across the faces whose eyes and scars carried him to explore a more unconscious instinctive, singular. Far from figurative style of his debut, he \ 's built a dense line, sometimes nervous, sometimes vegetable and clear, that \' he comes in abstract arabesques and scrolls. First released traits, arising spontaneously, he draws \ 's frame which reveal, through its subtleties and ramifications, chaotic urbanization, a family tree, or masks \' s African inspiration, memories of past loves. His work has evolved into a complex asymmetrical shapes, colors and controlling causing the space to a consistent and structured abstraction. A spontaneous drawing, released from view. "

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Looking for the value of an item? Visit our price data subscription page for options.

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