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Rita Rutkowski (1932-)

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  • Rita Rutkowski, American (1932- )

Rita Rutkowski Biography

Londoner by birth, New Yorker at heart and neighboring Cordoba for four decades. Upon completion of the forty years to fix his residence in this city, the painter Rita Rutkowski has hung in the County over fifty works that summarize those 40 years. The name of the exhibition is open until the 25th of this month, leaves no doubt: Looking back-looking back. The painter, who understands his craft as "a sincere relief", explained that this exhibition "is for the public," which is considered part, but adds that also serves to explore their artistic way in these 40 years. Rita Rutkowski says that an exhibition of this type "is always well to any painter" linearly to evaluate the work done. The first pictures are for one year prior to your arrival to Cordoba. Assume the starting point of a career that has never been locked in the Andalusian capital. Practically all the stages through which it has passed his painting in these 40 years is reflected in the exhibition. "I want to see if there is consistency" rubric. Although incidentally was born in London in 1932, Rutkowski acknowledges it was in New York where he opened his eyes to his surroundings, feeling deeply Yorker despite having the heart torn between this American city and Cordoba, "something I do not know if Cordovan see it that way, "he says shyly. Rutkowski says that usually works "in absolute solitude" and when it does, mentally speaking with others. "My dialogue is visual, and I hope it opens the viewer, although painting is a force of expression that has no explanation." For this artist, the painting must have humanism and philosophy, because, otherwise, "has no interest or reason for being." Artistically educated in New York and in various places in Italy thanks to a Fulbright scholarship, Rutkowski came to Córdoba with complete academic education and decided to stay in a city that only made him miss his lack of boldness. In the exhibition catalog art critic Luis Ángel Pérez Villén says its work "becomes a kind of diary in which the most significant incidents of his life are recorded."

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