Lot 495: A rare Batoir (Jeu de Tamis) and a Tambourin both hand inscribed by Ro

Graham Budd Auctions

November 7, 2016
London, United Kingdom

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Description: A rare Batoir (Jeu de Tamis) and a Tambourin both hand inscribed by Roger Valette, the famous French player and original owner, the Batoir by A. Jaudon (Zenas), often called the Beater, was used to introduce the ball into the court, is and consists of a long naturally growing fruitwood (hackberry) handle which is inserted through the side of wooden drum or tambour, across which a skin of vellum has been tightly stretched, on the inner edge Valette has written in ink, "Valette Roger St. Pons de Mauchiens", 102cm. long; the Tambourin is also inscribed by Valette and consists of a wooden frame wrapped with leather, upon which a vellum drum has been stretched, and fixed with a series of decorative studs, 30cm. in diameter; sold together with 3 photographic reprints showing Valette from 1929-1947; sold together with a French 'Longue Paume' racket, marked "Walten Productions: J. Wallez, Maitre Artisan, Fabrication Francaise." , very good condition (6) A cousin of Lawn Tennis, the ancient game of Tambourin is played in France. Valette was a player at the tambourine club in St. Pons, and at Usclas of Herault, southern France, during the 1920s. Much more information, and a video of how the game is played can be seen at http://sporttambourin.canalblog.com>.
Notes: Racquet Sports
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London, United Kingdom

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