Lot 65: Attributed to Juan de Anchieta. (Azpeitia, c. 1533 - Pamplona, 1588) "Virgi

La Suite Subastas

October 27, 2016
Barcelona, Spain

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Description: Attributed to Juan de Anchieta. (Azpeitia, c. 1533 - Pamplona, 1588) "Virgin Mary with Child"
Imposing carved gilt and polychrome wooden sculpture. The Virgin, seated on her throne, holds the Child on her left knee, who is in an attitude of giving blessing, while at the same time she covers him with her veil, drawing him to her. In the right hand is an orb, symbol of the universality of the Christian doctrine and the redemptive act of Christ, and a rosary. As has already been seen in the Gothic period, with the advance of naturalism, the depiction of the Virgin and Child becomes more and more humanized, reflecting maternal-filial love. The figures have more movement. They move close to each other and transmit tenderness to touch the faithful. This statue is attributable to the Basque sculptor Juan de Anchieta, one of the greatest exponents of sculpture from Rome, cognisant of Spanish Mannerism, which is heavily influenced by Italian artists who worked in Rome, especially Raphael and Michelangelo, initiated by Gaspar Becerra in his imposing Main Altarpiece for Astorga Cathedral. Our sculpture bears great similarities with the Virgin with Child and Saint John at the church of Saint John the Baptist in Obanos, as well as the Virgin and Child from the church of St. Michael in Aoiz. In the same way, similar features and characteristics can be seen in the main altarpiece of Saint Mary of Tafalla, especially in the strength of the forms, polychrome and flesh tones of its central figure of the Assumption. Bibliography: García Gainza, Mª Concepción: Juan de Anchieta, escultor del Renacimiento, 2008. 103 x 59 x 35 cm.
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Medieval Art Auction

La Suite Subastas
October 27, 2016, 7:00 PM CET

Barcelona, Spain

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