Lot 628: Ballet und Pantomime, by Walter Schnackenberg. 1920

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Description: Artist: BOOKS AND PERIODICALS Size: 15 5/8 x 20 1/2 in./39.6 x 52.2 cm Published by Georg Müller Verlag, München The complete portfolio of twenty-two plates, loose in hardcover binding. Nowhere is Schnackenberg's theatrical phantasmagoria better exemplified than in these twenty-two costume designs. Not only are the images exquisite – the amalgamation of Eastern inspiration, animalistic animus and otherworldly envisioning all but defies realistic description – but they are also rare and important, irreproachable artifacts from a distant performance era. "When we remember this [dance renaissance] movement [in Germany] we think of the Munich art feasts and performances in theaters and concert halls, which came out of this art-loving city thanks to the collaboration of creative artists. Among those who actively and knowingly took part in this movement, the painter Schnackenberg attracted attention with his creations. His planes, figures and drawings make it clear that in dance and pantomime, we can reclaim the right to rejoice in the beauty of the body, the striking pose and the animated movement. Glowing colors delight the eye, joy of life shines in the lightness, and the bright colors convey to us that the world need not remain grey and colorless if we have the courage to be guided by our yearnings” (From the Forward by Von Gleichen-Russworm). (dance, great art deco)
Dimensions: 15 5/8 x 20 1/2 in./39.6 x 52.2 cm
Medium: Poster
Date: 1920
Condition Report: Overall excellent condition, with slight wear to cover & spine.
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