Lot 349: Der Mörder Dimitri Karamasoff. 1931

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Description: Artist: JOSEF FENNEKER (1895-1956) Size: 37 1/8 x 55 3/4 in./94.2 x 144.7 cm Paul Grannick, Berlin The Murder of Dimitri Karamazov is a German cinematic drama based on parts of Dostoyevsky's famed The Brothers Karamazov. It is considered a tour de force in Expressionist filmmaking, with stellar performances by both Fritz Kortner and Anna Stein. The poster itself is a departure from the typical Fenneker composition, setting the stars against a bright yellow backdrop instead of his typical black background. (film)
Dimensions: 37 1/8 x 55 3/4 in./94.2 x 144.7 cm
Artist or Maker: JOSEF FENNEKER (1895-1956)
Medium: Poster
Date: 1931
Condition Report: B/ Slight tears at folds.
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