Lot 13: Franklin D. Roosevelt Ask's Walker to become Chairman of the DNC

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October 27, 2016
Miami, FL, US

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Description: This is a fantastic letter in which Franklin D. Roosevelt asks Frank Walker to become the Democratic chairman for his new campaign in starting 1943. On White House stationary, 7" x 9", dated January 9, 1943, in Full: Dear Frank: I realize that I have asked a great deal of you to ask over the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee. I understand that you can only do it for the next six months, but in that time, I am sure you will get the Committee reorganized and help us find a new Chairman.As ever "Franklin D. Roosevelt" ,
The Honorable, The Postmaster General, Washington, D.C.. Roosevelt’s Chairman for the previous 2 campaigns was James Fraley the previous Postmaster General and a powerful Democratic boss. Farley did not believe in Roosevelt running for president a third time and broke away from Roosevelt in 1940 when he found out about Roosevelt’s aspirations. Walker, did take the position of DNC until 1944, when he was succeeded by Robert Hannegan.

Frank Comerford Walker (May 30, 1886 – September 13, 1959) was an American lawyer and politician. He served as the United States Postmaster General between 1940 and 1945. He also served as the chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 1943 until 1944. in 1940, Walker became Postmaster General (succeeding James Farley, who had also been DNC Chairman and Roosevelt's campaign manager). As Postmaster General, Walker continued his role as political adviser, often taking part in matters far removed from the Post Office. For instance, during the negotiations which preceded the December 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, he was in regular contact with Japanese Ambassador Nomura
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