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Description: FRANCOIS LINKE BUREAU PLAT Circa 1900. Signed Linke on the right side of the gilt bronze chute. Amarante, quarter-veneer satine, loupe d'amboine, ebene and buis stringing, gilt-tooled green leather-lined top, one central frieze drawer flanked by two small drawers on each side, the top right hand side drawer fitted with a coffre-fort. Height 30 1/2, Length 68 1/4, Width 34 inches. Provenance: Jean Bieder Francois Linke's foreman in the 1920's, who took over Linke's business in 1946. Literature: C. Payne, Francois Linke, p.506 for an illustration of the black and white cliche of index number 5056.D. Ledoux-Lebard, Le Mobilier Francais du XIX Siecle, pp. 435-444. C. Payne, 19th Century European Furniture, pp.39-40. R. Startmann-Dohler, Jean-Francois Oeben, p.75; and D.Alcouffe et al. Furniture Collections in the Louvre, Vol. 1, p. 183, for illustrations of the 18th Century model, circa 1755-1760 by Jean-Francois Oeben Linke title:bureau Louis XVI transition du Musee du Louvre bois de satine frise et amarante.
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