Lot 215: Henry Ford SP/ Edsel

One of a Kind Collectibles Auctions, LLC

October 27, 2016, 8:00 PM EST
Miami, FL, US
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Description: A Great group of signed pieces. A 4"x6" vintage newspaper photo showing Henry Ford and Edsel Ford discussing their new $40,ooo expansion project. Also a 3x2 signed and dated card "from your friend Edsel Ford, Mar 3rs, 1935" in vintage fountain pen. the other letter included in this lot is a TLS from William Knudsen (March 25, 1879 – April 27, 1948) was a leading automotive industry executive and an American general during World War II. His experience and success as a key senior manager in the operations sides of Ford Motor Company and later General Motors led the Franklin Roosevelt Administration to commission him as a Lieutenant General in the United States Army to help lead the United States' war materiel production efforts for World War II. The the only civilian ever to join the Army at such a high initial rank.
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