Lot 312: Important [Bruce Lee] James Yimm Lee, Archive related to the Infamous fight with Wong Jack Man

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October 27, 2016
Miami, FL, US

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Description: This amazing archive is from Bruce Lee's mentor and friend Jimmy Lee. Jimmy Lee is quite rare and actually rarer than Bruce Lee in signed items since he passed away in before Bruce in 1972. Jimmy was a very important part of Lee's life and was one of only three students Bruce Lee certified as instructors in his system. When Lee's martial arts school on Broadway closed after two years because of a lack of business, Bruce Lee and Jimmy Lee opened a martial-arts studio in the garage of Jimmy Lee’s home at 3039 Monticello Ave. in Oakland. Bruce Lee, his wife and son Brandon also lived there. This archive has a number of rare period items from Jimmy, a photo signed by Jimmy showing him breaking bricks, with the highlight of this archive being a letter written shortly after two fights Bruce Lee had, one fight has become legend about Bruce wanting o teach Caucasians which was an issue with the close nit martial art masteres in the area with one proposing a match. The fight between Lee and Wong Jack Man, a master took place in Oakland behind closed doors in December of 1964. The fight had very few people present, but one of the witnesses present was Jimmy Lee, his partner and friend. This lot which has come straight from the consignor who was in communication with Jimmy and Bruce Lee about their school. The consignor was studying the martial arts in the early 60’s and wanted to know more about the breaking of bricks and other items. He was in touch with Jimmy and was invited by Bruce to be one of his first students. When the consignor heard word about a private fight that occurred with Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man, he asked Jimmy about it. Jimmy proceeded to write this very letter contained in this lot. The letter lays to rest to what actually happened in this famous fight from a first hand look. The letter on Jimmy’s School stationary reads in full:
“Dear Gene, Bruce Lee was challenged by black belt karate instructor form Japan after
After one of his exhibition Bruce gave. Bruce refuse to to fight then & there not-dignify.
But every time Japanese instructor see Bruce he renew challenge. After a few weeks of avoiding fight Bruce got tired of Karate instructor tactics of begging him. Match was arranged at YMCA Seattle-each with two students with them. As witness match lasted 14 seconds, Bruce send the karate man to hospital for stitches to his side of face- around 12 stitches- no skull was broken-but lot of bleeding-.
Bruce was recently challenged by G. Fu man from Hong Kong –took place at the gym-the other man had to give up after about 2 minutes with a Black eye, swollen lips ect.”

The collection also has a rare period signed photo showing Jimmy breaking roman bricks. Jimmy sent the photo with thanks to the consignor for sending a photo of himself employing some of the techniques. Jimmy writes on a small page attached to the front ”Thank you for letting me use your photo for my book, Jimmy”. On the back of the photo
Jimmy writes; “Back fist [Chinese Characters] against 3 1 ½” roman bricks, good luck to you in the service. I was in 716th tank BN during WWll J.” The lot also has some very rare kungfo books written by Jimmy, in which there is an actual photo of the consignor.

Rare softback publication Modern Kung Fu Karate. Iron, Poison hand training break brick in 100 days by J Y Lee. Third revised edition 1963

1st 1962 MODERN FUKARATEIRON POISON HAND TRAINING BOOK 1 PART B VERY RARE Rare softback publication Modern Kung Fu Karate. Iron, Poison hand training break brick in 100 days by J Y Lee.

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