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Description: Artist: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) Size: Each: 11 x 15 in./27.6 x 38.2 cm Imp. F. Champenois, Paris Consisting of a series of seven drawings, Le Pater is considered to be Mucha's printed masterpiece, an intense visual study of the Lord's Prayer. The seven verses of the prayer are represented here through Byzantine symbolism, and are executed and decorated in the very best Art Nouveau style. "In the context of Mucha's oeuvre, this artistic and literary work combines in a fortuitously unique way his philosophy, imagination, talent and skill, reflects his past achievements in decorative design, and is also a precursor of his future artistic developments ... The ornamental pages of Le Pater allowed Mucha to represent the symbolism of the Lord's Prayer in the extravagantly decorative style that made him famous ... Without exception, the French critics perceived Le Pater as a work of art in its own right, noteworthy for its imagery and vision ... In the increasingly materialistic world, it is important for man's spiritual growth to contemplate works that are inspired by well-known text, and have the ability to enrich and invest it with additional meaning. Le Pater is one of such works; it challenges the imagination and the mind, and, as Mucha would have it, leads man towards the Light" (Le Pater, pp. 10-20). This collection consists of the seven illuminated verses, as well as the title and Amen page, all individually framed.
Dimensions: Each: 11 x 15 in./27.6 x 38.2 cm
Artist or Maker: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939)
Medium: Poster
Date: 1899
Condition Report: A-/ Very slight tears at edges on some plates. Framed.
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