Lot 55: TURHAND KIRKLAND, 1805-Dated, Document Signed

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October 29, 2016
Rancho Santa Fe, CA, US

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Manuscript Legal Document Signed, "Turhand Kirkland"

Mormons Built Their First Temple in Kirkland, Ohio which was dedicated in 1836 Headquarters for Joseph Smith, Jr.
TURHAND KIRKLAND (1755-1844). American Revolutionary War Veteran, Ohio Territory Pioneer and Surveyor, who laid out the lands of the Western Reserve for the Connecticut Land Company. Kirtland, Trumbull County, Ohio, is named in Turhand's honor, was the Headquarters for Joseph Smith, Jr. and the Mormons shortly after the Mormon Church was formed.
1805-Dated, Exceedingly Rare and historic 2 page, measuring about 13" x 7.75" being a Manuscript Legal Document Signed, "Turhand Kirkland" as Attorney, Very Good. This original Document is in rather heavily worn and toned condition with numerous internal splits and short wear tears from actual use,still whole and readable. A Petition, by various persons owning lands in the Connecticut Western Reserve (particularly, the Salt Springs Tract) requesting to have the lands partitioned. In this Document, Kirkland represents these quite renown named noted persons (Colonel) Noadiah Hooker (in Revolutionary War at Boston), William Wadsworth, Isaac Cowles (Rev. War service), Lemuel Whitman (US Congressman), and Seth Overton (Shipbuilder who Built the 1st USS Connecticut) as their attorney.

Solomon Whitman, Jr., deceased, originally owned the property in Trumbull County, Ohio, called "the Salt Spring Tract" that was 12 miles West of the Pennsylvania border, as did Colonel Noadiah Hooker with 1,111 acres; William Wadsworth with 1,111 acres; Isaac Cowles with 2,431 acres; and the heirs of Solomon Whitman, Jr. with 1,111 acres who are in a type of joint ownership, and want to separate the property. All of these persons are being represented by Turhand. They all lived back East, and he is representing them in the Trumball County Court to further their petition.

William Wadsworth was a scion of the prominent Wadsworth family of Connecticut. He was a sixth generation descendant of William Wadsworth (1595-1675) who was one of the Founders of Hartford, Connecticut. In 1790, with his charismatic brother James Wadsworth, they moved from Connecticut to the Genesee Valley of Western New York State. Settling in "Big Tree" on June 9, 1790, on the east bank of the Genesee River, William and his brother were the leading pioneers of this unsettled region, and ultimately became one of the largest wealthiest land holders of the area. As the settlement in the area increased, William was elected Town supervisor for 21 years. Before and during his tenure, William created and took charge of the area's local militia and eventually took command of the Genesee Valley militia. By the time hostilities broke out between the U.S. and Great Britain in 1812, William Wadsworth was promoted to Brigadier General.

An important, historic original Legal Document Signed by Turhand Kirkland. Regardless of condition, it is a very early historic item with close association to the Connecticut Western Reserve Lands, Territory of Ohio, and to the early founding of the Mormon Church alike. Exceedingly Rare!
Turhand Kirtland was born in Wallingford, Ct.. During the Revolutionary War he served with the New York militia and was present at the defeat of Long Island. He helped ferry the boats that conveyed our retreating forces to the main land. Kirtland later became one of the Proprietors of the Connecticut Land Company, in the purchase of the Western Reserve lands.

That company bought 3 millions acres of land in what is now North-Eastern Ohio. This land was referred to as the "Connecticut Western Reserve." In 1797 the officers of the Company chose Turhand to represent them as the Resident General Agent in the area.

In early 1798, he set out with a party of surveyors and settlers to the Northwest Territory to help lay out the company possessions. As general agent, Turhand was friendly and fair to both the Native Americans and settlers in the area. In one 1797 case, where a White Man killed an Indian, he had the White Man arrested. He was eventually freed when fellow Indians said he killed in self defense. The Indians, recognizing his fairness, chose him as their arbitrator whenever there were conflicts with whites.

In 1800, when Trumball County was officially formed, he was appointed Judge of the County by Territorial Governor and Rev. War. American General Arthur St. Clair. As a surveyor, Turhand helped build the Chillicothe Road, the first road to connect Ohio's early State capitol of Chillicothe with Lake Erie. He helped John Young lay out the town of Youngstown, Ohio, and surveyed the towns of Poland and Burton.

In 1798 he laid out the second road in the Western Reserve (which ran Poland through Youngstown along he Indian path to Salt Springs and eventually to the Grand River). Turhand moved his family to Poland, Ohio in 1803. He and his brother-in-law, John Fowler, named the town of Poland, purposefully giving it a strange name so that any mail coming west would not be confused with the names of other towns out west.

In 1814 he was elected a State Senator. He also served as an Associate Judge of the Court of Common Pleas for several years and Justice of Peace in Poland for more than two decades. He established libraries and schools in the Western Reserve as early as 1805 and helped form what became Western Reserve College, where he served as one of its first trustees.

Kirtland, Ohio, is a hugely important and historical location for the Mormon Church, as it was named in Turhand's honor.

Joseph Smith, Jr. moved his Morman Church to Kirtland in 1831, where the town served as headquarters for the Latter Day Saints from 1831 to 1838. The Mormons built their First Temple in Kirkland, which was dedicated in 1836.

A majority of sections from their "Doctrine and Covenants," considered modern revelations and canonical by most denominations within the Latter Day Saints,was originated in Kirtland during the 1830s.
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