Lot 85: Twenty-one books on Oriental rugs

Turner Auctions and Appraisals LLC

November 13, 2016
South San Francisco, CA, US

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Description: Weavers, Merchants and Kings - the Inscribed Rugs of Armenia, 1984, Lucy Der Manuelian and Murray Eiland; Armenian Rugs from the Gregorian Collection, 1987, Arthur Gregorian and Joyce Gregorian Hampshire; From the Bosporus to Samarkand - Flat-Woven rugs, 1969, Anthony Landreau and W.R. Pickering; Anatolian Kilims - the Caroline and H. McCoy Jones Collection, 1990, Cathryn Cootner; The Caucasus - Traditions in Weaving, 1987, James D. Burns; Carpet Magic, 1983, Jon Thompson; The Oriental Rug Collection of Jerome and Mary Jane Straka, 1978, Jerome Straka and Louise Mackie, editors; South Persian Tribal Weaving, 1983, Dennis Dodds et al; Tribal Visions, 1980, Peter E.Saunders; Prayer Rugs, 1974, Richard Ettinghausen et al; Anthony Foster - Celebrating the San Francisco Tribal and Textile Arts Show, an exhibition catalogue, 2004, Anthony Foster; Carpets of Central Persia, 1976, May Beattie; Tribal Rugs, 1978, Jenny Housego; Early Caucasian Rugs, 1976, Charles Grant Ellis; Yoruk - the Nomadic Weaving Tradition of the Middle East, 1978, Anthony Landreau, editor; Rugs and Carpets from the Caucasus - the Russian Collections, 1984, Liatif Kerimov et al; Rugs and Carpets from Central Asia - the Russian collections, 1984, Elena Tzareva; Tent & Town - Rugs and Embroideries from Central Asia, the H. McCoy Jones Collection, 1982, Cathryn Cootner; Near Eastern Art in Chicago Collections, 1974, Donald Jenkins and Jack Sewell; Trefoil - Guls, Stars & Gardens, 1990, Hillary Dumas; Oriental Rugs from Western Collections, 1973, Murray Eiland; Patterns of Persia - Iranian Nomadic, Village and City Rugs from Vancouver Collections, 1979, James Bennett, editor
Provenance: Turner Auctions + Appraisals is pleased to offer the library and selected artifacts from the personal collection of Jim Haas, the noted, long-time specialist in Native American and Ethnographic Arts, who recently retired from Bonhams after 31 years with the company and its predecessor.  The sale also includes property from a major Southwest museum and estates of two long-time collectors:  the Furgatch Collection features contemporary Southwest pottery; the Nancy Florsheim Estate, Part 2, offers contemporary and prehistoric pottery and Southwest jewelry.  
Notes: “Please note that the various books, catalogues, and periodicals included in this lot are from a working reference library dealing with African, Oceanic, Southeast Asian tribal art, pre-Columbian art, Oriental rugs, fine art and photography. I used them during my professional career and as a private collector who bought and sold at auction. The variety here represents decades of searching out the literature that best enabled me to perform my duties as an auction house appraiser and cataloguer while keeping abreast of pricing and the current market demand. That said, potential bidders should be aware that in general, the various volumes are in good, serviceable condition. Some are excellent, others are poor. For a condition report on specific titles, please contact Turner Auctions and Appraisals.”
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