Lot 17: VWT1 mit Barndoor1964 grau

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October 29, 2016, 3:00 PM CET
Berlin, Germany
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Description: T1
Volkswagen AG, model year 1964
First registration: July 1964
Documents: n. a.
Vehicle identification number: 23134141801324863
Engine identification number: n. a.
1493 ccm, 31 kW/42 hp
4-gear transmission
Mileage displayed: 63,517 km
Color: gray/white
Interior: gray leather
New general inspection (TÜV), H-license plate for historic vehicles
Condition report linked in detailed description
Special conditions: 17,95 % buyer's premium including VAT.
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The typical life of a public official seems to be the best for the health: This is also true for this unrestored classic T1 Kombi, which spent most of its day in public service. Its remarkably low mileage of just 63,500 kilometers in combination with the 1,500 ccm engine, quite large for its days, and the charming patina make this VW a desirable classic daily driver.

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The official start of the VW utility vehicle “Type 29“, as the series was initially called, was on 8 March 1950. The first three vans rolled off the still makeshift belt at the Wolfsburg plant on that Wednesday. After the four pre-series vehicles had been presented in November, production accrued in January the following year. ‘Mit ihm fährt der Erfolg’ (Success is riding along with it) was the visionary slogan more than 60 years ago. Almost four hundred thousand air-cooled ‘vans for all trades’ with front-wheel drive left the factory (initially produced together with the VW Beetle in Wolfsburg and later in an own plant in Hanover) and embarked on a triumphal procession around the globe, laying the foundation for the legendary reputation of this extremely versatile delivery and travel vehicle with the odd nickname “Bulli“. As passenger vehicle the van came with seven or nine seats, the rear benches were removable, in order to provide cargo space. The rear seats could be removed. (bde)#

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