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1866 Santa Claus Poem printed on Silk

1866 Santa Claus Poem printed on Silk
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Description: Item # 37. A rare and early silk printing about Santa Claus. Titled “Santa Claus To The Company” Size 9 1/4” x 4 3/8”. The text is as follows: “SANTA CLAUS TO THE COMPANY
 All hail to this company small but select lips that are eager and eyes that expect you think I'm a stranger why today's ago I paid you a visit in spite of the snow but the most of you then took your friend for a dream for the caught you all napping and halting my team Not so long as the milk man who comes with the dawn dropped a parcel for each and the blowing my horn gee-upped my deer and away like flash Left my gifts in each stocking my name on the sash and letters of frost alas it is plain in your haste for your bliss you ne’er thought my of my pane So the sun melted off from each window my name and I'm forced to return my due credit to claim your fathers and mothers are well in their way but they can't steal my thunder on my Christmas Day in Manhattan at least the Lord of each house At Christmas each year is myself Santa Claus you must know me I'm sure by my beautiful nose by the toys in my pack by the cut of my clothes I've tore my best jacket is true more the pity Since Yankee inventions deformed my Dutch city O the noble old chimneys so vast and so wide down which with my sleigh was delightful to glide they have vanished forever and now I must crawl have choked with vile gas through a hole in the wall But you see how I love you I come just the same for I died to spare if I thought that my name never more should be mixed with the laughter and glee that bud every year on the green Christmas tree But don't be deceived I'm a tender old muff to Pius young persons but awfully rough to children who spelling books made them so wise they think they can venture Saint Nick to despise Why only last Tuesday and making my round in the house I won't mention one youngster I found who had shut up the register tight as a drum because he believed that Saint Nick was a hum When he woke up in the morning their sate in his bed six frogs it is the six toads at his head that child is not here if you were my four bears would eat him up quickly in four equal shares Reminds me to mention I commonly drive a team of eight reindeer the fleetest alive would make the whole Jockey club stare to behold the hoofs of bright silver their horns of bright gold But since I've observed that some rash little men are given to doubting my sway now and then I tackled my bears to my sledge for tonight just to give such young sinners a bit of a fright (the bear growls horribly general consternation) Santa Claus recommends there! remember the prophet! and take a plain hint but I don't look to threaten! enough! I must go from the lights in the music out into the snow In the darkness — to sleep and to yawn and to yearn till the blessed bright Christmas again shall return and you! in your home is for the whole live long year be good and be happy be gay and the dear Joy be with you my children good night and believe I will bring you new blessings your next Christmas eve 109 Fifth Avenue December 27, 1866” Certainly the Christmas Santa was depicted differently in this poem and todays image. Really can’t find any referent to this poem on line. When we searched google for this entire poem, I came up with the reply: “400. That’s an error.Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request.” That’s all we know: So we will leave it up to others to research this unusual item. Condition: Pin holes and staining, previous glue marks on the reverse.

Condition Report: Pin holes and staining, previous glue marks on the reverse.

Dimensions: 9 1/4” x 4 3/8”

Medium: Ink on Silk

Date: 1866

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